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Meet the Maker

Artist Statement

"The way one arises during the infusion of spirit is to merge fully into the silent spaces in between thought, hence the creation of my art. My work represents my dance with the unconscious mind."

In 2016, TIN HAUS was born out of the desire to serve through contemporary fine jewelry. The TIN HAUS name is derived from a childhood nickname, Tin, that signifies a space of consciousness unfiltered by time; and embodies a place of refuge for art and contemplation. Our purpose is to assist in fostering meaningful changes to society and to our environment while creating beautiful pieces of jewelry to love and last a lifetime. 

Inspired by abstract art, nature, social cause, and the spirit of everyday people, our bold-minimalistic abstract designs are proudly handcrafted in our Los Angeles studio using ethically-sourced and sustainable materials. Meticulously constructed using traditional jewelry and metal fabricating techniques - from piercing, soldering and forging, to stone-setting and making chains - our intention is to create wearable art that is true to who you are and is in alignment with your core values.

We are grateful to have had opportunities to help enrich lives through our creative pursuits. With that said, a portion of profits are donated to meaningful causes that are committed to improving lives and the environment.



The Designer & Maker

Los Angeles-based Jewelry Designer, Christina Grace, of TIN HAUS Jewelry.

Christina Grace is a Los Angeles-based Artist and Jewelry Designer specializing in handcrafted contemporary designs in fine jewelry. She has a background in film and television as well.


Christina’s earlier career in the fine arts was focused in painting and acting. As a self-taught artist, she has been honing her craft since she was a toddler and continued to practice not knowing her life will ultimately take a detour into jewelry and metal fabrication. In 2011, Christina realized her potential as a jewelry artist after a chance meeting with a metalsmith who taught her wire-wrapping technique. Naturally private about her art, Christina mustered up the courage to take the plunge.


After a career transition, the year 2016 marks the grassroots beginning of TIN HAUS®. Simultaneously, Christina enrolled back into college to deepen her understanding of the metal fine arts. Shortly after, Grace’s ambitiously artistic and perfectly executed designs - including a kinetic caterpillar ring - earned her a scholarship to the Gemological Institute of America where she received her Graduate Jeweler diploma. 


Christina’s passion for the arts and desire for service has caught media attention as well. She has received recognition through notable endorsements beginning with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders. Christina’s designs have been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Tatler; and her acting and jewelry worlds also crossed paths when she was asked to be the official jeweler of the Make A Film Foundation (MAFF), a nonprofit organization that helps terminally ill young people realize their filmmaking dreams. When MAFF recently helped a 16-year-old cancer patient direct a movie starring Johnny Depp, J.K. Simmons, David Lynch, and Laura Dern, Christina made sterling silver pendants for the cast and crew – including directors Catherine Hardwicke, Theodore Melfi and Sam Raimi – as gratitude for loaning their time and talents. 


Seeing progress, Christina ties the flow of opportunities to living with purpose. With the training she’s received, Christina realized that earning a solid education in the metal arts can be instrumental to one’s workmanship and evolution as an artisan and entrepreneur. 


Learn more about the grassroots journey of TIN HAUS - HERE




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