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Jewelry Care

Tips and Tricks

The following tips and tricks are what we found to be best practices in jewelry maintenance.  


As a general rule, avoid wearing your jewelry during exercise, sleep, or in the shower. It is best to avoid wearing jewelry while swimming or cleaning because chemicals can damage the metal. Therefore, less contact with moisture and chemicals will prolong the life, lustre, and beauty of your jewelry.


The sterling silver in some of our designs have been stylized through an oxidation process known as patina, and treated with a protective coating to help retain its color; while other designs may be plated with rhodium (from the platinum family) for extra protection. White gold may also be plated with rhodium to enhance its beauty and durability. In general, regular wear and exposure to oxygen will tarnish all precious metals; unless it is pure, then the tarnish isn't as noticeable.


When light cleaning is needed, use mild soap and warm water. Dry with a soft cloth and store jewelry in a sealable bag. You can also use a treated polishing cloth which has proven to be a good method for most. What we have found very effective is storing jewelry in a sealed plastic bag with one 1x1 Anti-Tarnish Tab or one Do Not Eat Silica Gel pack (typically found in shoe boxes or packages). Storing jewelry this way will slow down the oxidation process, significantly. 


All gold and silver pieces containing diamonds and other hard stones can be cleaned with an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. 


Pieces containing organic, porous materials such as pearls, opals, tourmaline, coral, ivory, amber and other soft stones are not suitable for ultrasonic or steam cleaning. Instead, use mild soap and water.


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