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Sizing Guide

Nothing is more exciting than getting your one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry! Please use our Sizing Guide to determine the perfect size for you. Therefore, you can wear your jewelry right away, for the everyday slay!


Ring Sizing Guide: Method 1

Downloadable Ring Sizing Guide

One of the most accurate ways to measure the perfect ring size is by downloading our Ring Sizing Guide. Click the preview, below, to download. This is a discreet way to measure size, especially when the ring is a surprise! The instructions are on the guide. Generally, the directions are as follows:

  • Make sure the page you print is sized to scale. Depending on your printer, set scaling to 100%, "None," or "Actual size."
  • If the scale line doesn't measure up in inches, you will have to adjust your settings and reprint.
  • Then, find a ring that fits the intended finger the ring will be on. You will be placing that ring over the circles on the guide until you find a match. You want the circle to be as close as possible to the inside diameter of the ring. If the ring falls between two sizes, then we recommend going with the larger size.
  • For assistance, please contact us anytime.


Ring Sizing Guide: Method 2

Measure Your Ring Size At Home

  1. Wrap a strip of paper around your finger like a ring. Make sure it is comfortable and not too tight.
  2. Mark a spot where the paper meets. Measure the distance with a ruler.
  3. Use the chart below to determine your ring size. If you are in between sizes, then we suggest going with the larger size.


Midi Ring Sizing Guide

Generally, a midi ring would be about 3-4 sizes smaller than your normal size. For instance, if you wear a size 8, we suggest going with a size 5 midi ring. It is always good to measure your own fingers as well. Just follow method 2 of our sizing guide, above, to determine your midi ring size.


Necklace Lengths

Get the perfect fit by using our necklace sizing chart as reference.


Bracelet Sizing Guide

Measure Your Wrist to Get Your Ideal Bracelet Size for Toggle or Clasp Bracelet Styles

  1. Measure your wrist where you would normally wear the bracelet, just below the wrist bone, with a flexible tape measure or a strip of paper.
  2. Mark a spot where the paper meets. Then, measure the distance with a ruler.
  3. Let us know your exact size - not the size you think it should be - in Notes at check out and will take it from there.


Cuff Bracelet Size Chart

Cuff Bracelet Size Wrist Size
XS 5.5"
S  6"
M 6.5"
L 7"
XL 7.5"


Use the Bracelet Sizing Guide, above, to get your wrist size. Select the cuff bracelet size closest to your wrist size. If you are in between sizes, we recommend going up a size. Our cuff bracelets are designed to have snug comfortable fit, so going up a size will make the fit slightly loose.


Measure Your Wrist for a Bangle

  1. Close your hand as if you were putting on a bangle; and bring your thumb to touch your pinky finger.
  2. To get the circumference of your hand, use a strip of paper or tape measurement and wrap it around your hand/knuckles at the widest point. If you are using a plain strip of paper, mark your size with a pen on that paper. Then measure that paper strip with a ruler.
  3. Assess your hand/knuckle circumference to the information below. Purchase a bangle with diameter that is the next size up from your actual hand/knuckle measurement. Refer to the suitable measurements indicated below:
  • Size S/M (2.5" Inside Diameter) - Fits 7.5" - 8.25" hand/knuckle circumference
  • Size M/L (2.7" Inside Diameter) - Fits 8.25" - 8.5" hand/knuckle circumference


If you have questions about sizing, feel free to contact us.