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HERE WE ARE: The Beginning of an Incredible Journey

If a psychic were to tell me back when I started my business four years ago - heck, even nine years ago when jewelry was just a hobby - that amazing experiences and opportunities await TIN HAUS, I am not sure if I would have believed it. In fact,  the opposite probably would have happened since I might've tried too hard versus letting things fall into place. It took years to break conditioning that did not serve me, to understand the power of letting go, and allowing myself to be a vehicle of expression for Source energy.

A lot has happened since winning the 15th Annual Halstead Grant a few weeks ago. If you haven't seen these yet through my social channels, TIN HAUS was featured in INSTORE Magazine and the National Jeweler. TIN HAUS is among "5 BIPOC Jewelry Designers to Watch" in an article written by Michelle Orman. I was also interviewed during Episode 6 of the Platphorm Podcast. Click photos below to read the published articles and to listen to the podcast.

INSTORE Magazine:

INSTORE Magazine article on the 2020 Halstead Grant Winner and Finalists.

National Jeweler:

National Jeweler | This LA-Based Jewelry Designer Won the 2020 Halstead Grant

The Platphorm, Episode 6:

The Platphorm Podcast, Episode 6: Interview with TIN HAUS Jewelry Designer Christina Grace.

"BIPOC Jewelry Designers" Article by Michelle Orman:

"BIPOC Jewelry Designers" Article by Michelle Orman

Next, I am proud to announce that TIN HAUS has been selected for NYC Jewelry Week's HERE WE ARE: 2020 (HWA) platform, a "strategic initiative that supports the diverse spectrum of creators within the jewelry community by creating impact and action within and outside the industry through awareness, empowerment, and education. The platform was created by NYC Jewelry Week to celebrate the individual and unique voices that make the jewelry world incredible."

The opportunity to work with NYCJW x HWA's year-long initiative is an honor that is beyond words. To be included and to stand alongside a group of incredible designers makes my eyes well-up with gratitude. I warmly invite you to join the festivities on November 16th – 22th, 2020. For more information about the event, please click here or the photo below.

New York Jewelry Week 2020: HERE WE ARE

This is just the beginning and so much more is in store! Please subscribe to our newsletter for VIP perks, private events, and to be first to know of the latest news! Thank you so much for the love and support!