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The Anicca Collection: Impermanence, a Healing Experience

The Zoa Ring - A one-of-a-kind ring in size 7 - Handmade with recycled sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, rutilated quartz, moldavite, and freshwater pearls.

When I begin the process of conceptualizing a theme for a new jewelry collection, I have learned to let go of “planning” what I would want the end results to look like. The ideal state of mind is to tap into flow, ultimately, channeling inspiration from spirit. My lifelong dance with letting go and letting flow is a commitment I will continue to work on. Nonetheless, my natural inclination is to draw inspiration from abstract art, ancient cultures, spirituality, the cosmos, social causes, and the spirit of everyday people. Topics that I thrive on and brings me so much energy!

The year 2020 has been full of stimuli to draw from, at times pleasant and other times sad. One of the challenges I faced during the design process was finding the light inside to continue with the understanding that circumstances in life are impermanent. To me, this year exemplifies the concept of the dark knight of soul - a spiritual purging - however, on a mass scale.

The Fragmentation Necklace - A one-of-a-kind necklace - Handmade with sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, brazilian quartz, rutilated quartz, and natural white diamonds.

The darkness felt during these trying times aren’t necessarily bad. Uncomfortable, yes. However, with darkness we have the chance to honor what is before we can transmute it to light; thus, leading to our transformation. You meet yourself where you’re at, first, before pressing forward. Hence, the new collection was inspired by anicca, the Sanskrit doctrine of impermanence. The new Anicca Collection honors the cycle of life through which every being must pass.

The visual elements of this limited edition and one-of-a-kind collection stems from a deep dive into the seen and unseen dimension. My observations of microorganisms and acknowledgement of the ephemeral have taken shape in organic and geometric forms, while intentionally embellished with crystals and gemstones that are revered for its healing properties. Sustainably handcrafted using recycled solid silver and gold to complement the vibrational frequency of gemstones, let each piece of jewelry be a reminder to love, live fully, and be present for our loved ones. Afterall, we are all in this together!

Conarium - A one-of-a-kind brooch - Handmade with recycled sterling silver, herkimer gemstone, and freshwater pearl.

It is truly godsend to do what I do and an honor to be of service through jewelry. It brings me the most joy to see those whose lives were touched through my work. From the bottom of my heart and with every ounce of my being, thank you for appreciating my art and blessing me with the opportunity to do what I love! With that said, I am incredibly ecstatic to show you the new collection! Stay tuned, we launch  on Friday, August 14!