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Sustainable Jewelry: An Extension of Hope for a Brighter Future

One of our core missions is sustainability that stems from simple actions done consistently on a daily basis. As creative entrepreneurs, not only must we understand the definition of our work, but also the misfortunes our work could carry due to the current standards of our society. At TIN HAUS, we are committed to transparency, sustainable practices and to responsible sourcing, so that people can feel good knowing that their purchase has contributed to making our world a safer and healthier place for all.

From using recycled precious metals of solid silver or gold, to making sure that the gem suppliers we work with adhere to standards that ensure gemstones were obtained without harming people, the environment, and their communities - the choices we make every day contributes to the bigger picture. It's not about perfection, it's about progress. We view sustainability and responsible sourcing in the following way:

Ethical precious metals and gemstones are sourced without harming people, their surrounding communities, and the environment. We believe that everyone within the supply chain should be paid fairly and have safe working conditions.

Sustainable precious metals and gemstones are gathered with respect to the environment. By cultivating less harmful practices and using recycled precious metals and reclaimed gemstones, we can decrease carbon footprint. Thereby, increasing positive change.

We embrace all our clients who are committed to using their purchasing power for societal and environmental progress. Our intention is to create wearable art jewelry that is true to who you are and is in alignment with your core values. With that said, we are humbled to create your future heirlooms and we hope you understand the deeper cause behind every piece of jewelry handmade at TIN HAUS.