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Have You Asked: Who Made My Jewelry?

Hi everyone! My name is Christina Grace, a multi-disciplinary artist. I am the designer and maker of all the jewelry you see on here. This week is Fashion Revolution Week. It is a cause inspired by the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory where 1,138 people died with many more people injured, while making clothes for global fashion brands. In the spirit of Fashion Revolution Week, a global movement that calls for more transparency in the fashion industry, I wanted to say Hi and introduce TIN HAUS.

I am a one-woman show most of the time. However, I am grateful to have met and collaborated with a group of talented creatives over the years, who have helped bring my vision to life. I also have a partner who does the heavy lifting whenever he’s not too busy playing Brain Games on his phone.

I have been in the fine arts all my life. My earlier career was in the realm of painting and acting before discovering my love for jewelry. I was also a rockhounding, meditating yogi who hiked the terrains to discover crystals and stones. At the time, it seemed as though I was headed towards a path in the healing arts. However a metalsmith I met by chance in 2011, who taught me wire wrapping technique, was when I fell in love with jewelry making. It was, then, when I started to make jewelry I couldn't find anywhere else and gave them as gifts to family and friends. After a career transition, I followed my heart to be a jewelry designer. TIN HAUS officially opened for business in 2016.

Since producing high quality work is important to me, I am a graduate from the Gemological Institute of America who is about to get her BFA. (You never stop learning!) Our commitment to service, sustainability, and responsible sourcing comes from the simple fact that we love nature and helping humanity. I realized my purpose was not only to create jewelry that is accessible, but also to be cognizant of the decisions we make as a company to help improve lives and our environment.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, go here