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A Dream Come True: TIN HAUS Wins the 15th Annual Halstead Grant!

TIN HAUS Jewelry Designer Christina Grace is the 2020 Halstead Grant Winner!

I am about to reveal the BIGGEST news of my career as an emerging jewelry designer and artist. I come from humble beginnings and the lessons I learned has inspired me to continue to be a better version of me, to become the person I am meant to be. I am grateful for the divine interventions that happened in my life that has led me to my life’s purpose. The word “gratitude” is an understatement to how I feel about this once in a lifetime blessing from the Universe! With a heavy heart, I am deeply honored to say that I am this year’s Halstead Grant Winner!

Here’s a small glimpse of my journey. After a career transition, I went to back to school to accelerate my technical skills in my newfound passion in jewelry and, simultaneously, filed the paperwork to start my brand, TIN HAUS. I was first introduced to the Halstead Grant while a student at Pasadena City College through my art mentor and metalsmith, April Kawaoka, who inspired me to apply. And again, by my counselor Peter Harts from the Gemological Institute of America who encouraged me after graduating in 2016. After a couple years of building my business from the grassroots and launching my debut collection, I applied for the first time in 2018. I made the Top 10. The feedback I got propelled me to pursue knowledge I did not already have about marketing. Now a senior at CSU, I have taken up fine arts and business which has enriched my vision as a creative entrepreneur.

Cinematography by Angie Shin | IG @the_g1_

The annual Halstead Grant is a revered competition for emerging jewelry designers. It is an extremely rigorous and competitive contest where applicants nationwide submit their best work along with a complete business plan. This being my 4th year in business, I applied for the last time. I humbly attribute this blessing to hard work, preparation, and consistency. This honor has brought me to my knees in gratitude. I am SO thankful for this gift!

Thank you to the Halstead judging committee - Suzanne, Hilary, Kelli, and guest judge Sarah Rachel Brown - for believing in me and awarding me this life-changing honor! I know this triumph will be instrumental to my career and I look forward to experiencing the miracles that will unfold!

Thank you Tracy and Guy from Poi Planet PR for being my eagle eyes, for the constructive criticism, and for all the sage advice – we look forward to growing and experiencing this journey with you two on our side. Thank you to my family - Grandma, Mom, John, Eric, Rico, Dory, Tess, Gina, Neily, Janice, Cedric, Tito Cicero, Garcia’s, Hildesheim’s, and the rest of who aren’t online. Thank you to Donna, Tamika, Ruth, Jasmine, Ranella, Kita, Kerry M., Marc/KC H., Dechel M., Kate K., Mike Turinetti and Niki Grandics. Thank you to my team of collaborators - my models/influencers, Benny G., Charles G., Mia G., Angie S., Andy Z., Alex C., Rachel D., Dane D.B., Yohanna L., Valerie L., and David C. - for being a part of bringing the creative vision to life. Thank you to my newfound mentors Elise Preiss, Rachel Shimpock, and Susanna Ali for creating a supportive environment and I look forward to pushing the boundaries of my creativity with your guidance! Please forgive me if I had forgotten any names. And to all the customers that have supported us, this business wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you!

I can’t believe this is just the beginning! Never EVER stop believing. Dreams do come true!

To learn more about the Halstead Grant, go to the link below or click here.

The Halstead Grant