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The Designer

Christina Grace is an Artist, Jeweler, and Metalsmith specializing in high quality, contemporary designs in fine jewelry and mixed media art. She has a background in film and television as well.  

A huge chunk of Christina’s life was dedicated to art and acting. As an actor, she has appeared in various film and television projects in Hollywood. She’s produced short independent films as well. As an artist, Christina has been honing her craft in the arts since she was a toddler. Privately, she continued to sell her work not knowing her life will ultimately take a detour into the fine arts, specifically jewelry and metal fabrication. Naturally reclusive and private about her art, Christina eventually mustered up the courage to take the plunge. 


After a career transition, Christina enrolled back into college during the summer of 2015 to deepen her understanding of the metal arts.  Since then, she’s earned the Occupational Skills Certificate for Jewelry Design and Metal Fabrication.  Shortly after, Christina’s ambitiously artistic and perfectly executed designs - including a kinetic caterpillar ring - earned her one of the most sought-after scholarships to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where she graduated in 2016. 

Christina’s work ethic and natural talents coupled with her business acumen and street savvy has caught media attention as well.  So far, she's had her work seen on Maxim and Flaunt magazines. She's had celebrity endorsements as well like Bernie Sanders’ wife Jane Sanders; and, most recently, she’s made jewelry for a handful of Hollywood hard-hitters through a recent collaboration with the Make A Film Foundation. Through the foundation came a commission to sponsor the  film “The Black Ghiandola” that consisted of an illustrious cast and crew, from directors Sam Raimi, Catherine Hardwicke, and Theodore Melfi, to actors Johnny Depp, J.K. Simmons, and Laura Dern.  

As a self-taught artist and seeing the progress she’s made so far, Christina ties the flow of opportunities to the training she’s getting from school, and realized that obtaining an education in the arts can be instrumental to one’s evolution and success as a woman, artist, and entrepreneur. 

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