The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change

Established in 2016, we began our journey specializing in custom fine jewelry. The year 2018 marks our transition into production and we are ecstatic to release our first collection, RISE.  Handmade meticulously to the highest standards, our pieces celebrate individuality and the importance of love for yourself and others. Not only that, every piece of jewelry made in our studio is an extension hope and change for a better future.

Our company mission goes beyond words, design and numbers. The art of jewelry is a perk that comes with doing what we love.  The broader goal of our company is responsibility and to make a difference, even if it stems from simple actions done consistently on a daily basis. The momentum of action - whether big or small - turns triviality into the capacity to direct influence. As artists, not only must we understand the definition of our work, but also the misfortunes our work could carry due to the current standards of our society. As creators, as artists, and as jewelers, we choose to walk alongside those that share this view, and work with like-minded businesses and suppliers that make the effort to move away from the detrimental world of fast fashion and mass production. Using traditional fabricating techniques, our intention is to create meaningful jewelry that are true to who you are, ethical, and in alignment with your core values. With that said, we are humbled to curate your future heirlooms and hope you understand the deeper cause behind every piece of jewelry made at TIN HAUS®. 

TIN HAUS® Ethos on celebrating love and individuality here

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The Gift of Change

Making a Difference, One Jewelry at a Time

TIN HAUS® is contemporary fine jewelry that creates change and empowers through art.  

The company was formed as an outlet for us to be of service using our gifts and talents. With love and hope in our hearts, through our work we are motivated to continue to help eradicate suffering in the world in the most creative ways we can find and by donating a portion of profits towards causes we care about. Currently...

Make-A-Film Foundation

Animal Welfare Institute 

National Alliance On Mental Illness

Learn more about the grassroots journey of TIN HAUS® - HERE

An Ethical and Conscious Brand

Every piece of jewelry is individually handcrafted in our Los Angeles studio using ethically-sourced materials.  As a member of Ethical Metalsmiths, TIN HAUS® is committed to the following practices including but not limited to...

  • Eco-friendly practices in manufacturing and design processes 
  • The use of raw or recycled materials of solid gold and silver, and ethically-sourced precious gemstones
  • As a zero-waste manufacturer, 95% of our materials are recycled which means that all scraps go to recycling facilities
  • Every piece of jewelry is made-to-order to help curb waste and carbon footprint
  • Our jewelry is presented in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging
  • Customers will receive an authenticity card for the purity of metals and gemstones used in their design

(Pictured is Political Figure and Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, who proudly acknowledges The Bern Necklace©, a TIN HAUS® exclusive by Christina Grace to help raise funds for Bernie's 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Latest news


January 2018: Christina Grace is a featured Alumni in the Gemological Institute of America’s 2018 Educational Winter Quarterly - print and online publication. 

March 2018: Christina Grace is featured in an ongoing documentary series highlighting established and emerging artists in the fine arts.  Christina's episode, "The Amazing Grace," is directed by Eric Yang. 

June 2018:  

•Launch of the Rise Collection.

•“Dreamgirls” Actress Sharon Leal endorses TIN HAUS® jewelry - the Lunar Star Hoop Earrings - on Instagram.

•TIN HAUS® invited to be featured by fashion magazine publications as one of the emerging jewelry designers. Stay tuned to find out which magazines they are. 

July 2018:  

•Digital Megastar Lele Pons currently hosting The Voice in Mexico wearing jewelry from the FW18 Collection, Rise. Premiering in the fall, stay tuned for show details and to see which jewelry were chosen for her looks.

August 2018: 

•TIN HAUS® gets featured in the September issue of Vanity Fair Magazine among emerging jewelry designers in “The Gold Standard”

•VoyageLA Magazine’s latest article about TIN HAUS® can be read here

•Top 10 / 2018 Halstead Grant / Halstead Bead, Inc

September 2018:

•TIN HAUS® gets featured in the October issue of Vanity Fair Magazine among emerging jewelry designers in “The Gold Standard”

•“Pose” (on FX) Leading Actress Dominique Jackson endorses TIN HAUS® jewelry - the Hatshepsut Earrings - on Instagram.

The Lunar Hoop Earrings featured in the November issue of TATLER magazine in “A Touch of Frost”

October 2018: 

•TIN HAUS® is a featured jewelry designer in 3 publications for November - TATLER, VANITY FAIR, and VOGUE Magazines.

November 2018: 

•TIN HAUS® is featured  in 2 publications for December- TATLER and House & Garden Magazines.

“Spider & Egg,” 1st Place - 2017 Metal Arts Society of Southern California Jewelry Challenge

“Spider & Egg,” 1st Place - 2017 Metal Arts Society of Southern California Jewelry Challenge

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