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The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change

Evolution Kinetic Ring Set handcrafted by Christina Grace of TIN HAUS Jewelry.


Established in 2016, we began our journey under the TIN HAUS label specializing in custom fine jewelry and exhibition work. The year 2018 marks our transition into production and have since released our first set of sustainable collections. Handmade meticulously to the highest standards, our pieces celebrate individuality and the importance of love for yourself and others. Not only that, every piece of jewelry made in our studio is an extension hope and change for a better future.


Our company mission goes beyond design and numbers. The art of jewelry is a perk that comes with doing what we love. One of our goals is responsibility, even if it stems from simple actions done consistently on a daily basis. As artists, not only must we understand the definition of our work, but also the misfortunes our work could carry due to the current standards of our society.


As creators, we walk alongside those who share this view, and work with like-minded businesses and suppliers that make the effort to move away from the detrimental world of fast fashion and mass production. Our intention is to create ethical jewelry that is true to who you are and is in alignment with your core values. With that said, we are humbled to curate your future heirlooms and hope you understand the deeper cause behind every piece of jewelry made at TIN HAUS. 




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