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The Untold Story

Hi Beautiful Souls! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself, the Maker behind TIN HAUS. This is the untold story. 

My journey into jewelry design always begins from the time I met the jeweler who taught me jewelry-making; however, I have consciously avoided discussions of what life was really like before then. Part of it was because I felt shame, and part of it was out of fear of being judged. I have never talked about this part of my life because, honestly, it took a long time to process everything that’s happened. My upbringing didn’t come with a discourse on how to process feelings and experiences in a healthy way. Ironically, the untold part of my history is what has given me the strength to do what I do. It is the infinite well from which I draw inspirations for my work. My hope in sharing this side of my story is to empower others to live their truth, to own their individuality, and to feel inspired to pursue passions bigger than themselves. If I can do it, you can do it!

Art has been a huge part of my life, and has served as an escape from the traumatic realities of my childhood. Born in the Philippines, my family and I immigrated to the United States when I was 7. We moved frequently until we found our spot in San Diego, California. Life at home was difficult as well. Feeling alone, I became withdrawn as a child. As an outlet of expression, it was common to find me locked in my room, practicing art while gazing into my crystals and stones.

On my 13th birthday, my abusive father left. Soon after, my eldest brother’s mental illness grew. In high school, I purged all the pent-up energy as an introverted child through extracurricular activities. A seemingly bright kid, coping with depression, anxiety, and financial hardships made me an average student. After high school, the quality of life at home diminished; my safety as a young woman in jeopardy. With less than $50 in my pocket, I left home with my ambitions.

Moving to Hollywood marked my start in show business and I have appeared on film and television. However, dealing with deeply embedded scars prevented me from having peace. It took one bad experience after another and losing everything for me to realize I had to dismantle the conditioning inherited from a tainted past that was attracting these circumstances into my life. Around 2011, I gradually stepped away from my acting career and began the road to rediscovery.

During my sabbatical, I discovered silent meditation and surrounded myself with a lot of energy healers, crystals, and stones. I took up yoga, hiking, and rockhounding, too. Then, I began jewelry-making shortly after a chance meeting with a jeweler who taught me wiring-wrapping. Combining meditation and jewelry became a sanctuary of healing for me. By the end of 2015, I became empowered to express the artistic side of myself that I have kept private for so long. I also enrolled back into college to get the traditional training I’ve always yearned for as a self-taught artist. By 2016, TIN HAUS was born with the mission to serve and help foster change. Hence, a new journey had begun and, for the first time in my life, I had finally found purpose for my art. My name is Christina Grace and I Am TIN HAUS.

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