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Mind, Interrupted

Friday, March 8th, will go down in our books as a day of significant growth and realization. The morning started off with tension, having to deal with and process the expectations people would project. Unknowing in what they are feeling is an unconscious reflection of fear and, perhaps, of who they are at the deepest level. I have come to understand that the way of life for a professional artist can easily be understood by the like-minded. This is a revelation I have come to recognize over time and have learned to keep my distance from those that get in the way of the journey and to keep the environment positive. I have walked alone for most of my life for this very reason, unapologetically, as I have experienced enough successes to know that the experiences of failure are a crucial part of evolution. However, the road of life has created walls which has made it difficult to trust people as well. It seems as though the pain lasts longer for empaths like me, so I have become very guarded. Some of these barriers were shattered from Friday’s turn of events, and has made me reevaluate my impressions of people, our relationship to the world and to each other.

Headed to the gym, the reveries of mind were interrupted by a lost puppy that’s clearly never been outside before, wandering the streets and was about to go into the freeway. As animal lovers, my partner and I couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn't try to save the dog. I immediately got out of the car, moving slowly and gently to avoid startling the pup. Then, as the miniature brown mix started to approach me, it suddenly changed its mind and ran the other direction. I followed it by foot as far as I could until, at one point, I had it cornered. The dog started to snarl and, like a football player, dodged my attempts and ran the other direction. What struck me from the experience were the amount of people willing stop whatever they’re doing to help. People from at least four different cars stopped traffic. One man parked his car in a red zone and sprinted up and down the street trying to catch the speedy dog. After the situation was beyond my reach, my partner continued to follow the dog with his car until the dog found itself inside a closed off RV center. At that moment, it was impossible for us to complete our attempted rescue.

At one point during the experience, a car nearly ran over the pup to which a female stranger and I both squealed and held hands, crying to our horror. She said to me, “I wish more people helped each other the way we would help one dog!” My heart sank upon realization and I responded back with "It's never too late to start!” Unfortunately, we may never know what happened to that dog, we could only hope for the best. At the very depths of my being, the beauty of that day’s lesson was a message about love, acceptance, and compassion for all beings. Coming face-to-face with the impermanence of life, I realized the profundity of lending help whenever possible, regardless of where others are at in their journey. Our hope is that, one day, we could all live harmoniously with respect to our differences as we are all one in this thing called life.

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